No. 1
The Fly Swatter Frost Catcher

by Allen Bukoff

frost catcher catching snow, 24 January 2007

Fly swatter/Fluxus Midwest Logo frost catcher debuts, 22 January 2007
This frost catcher was created using various sizes of annealed steel wire fastened together by twisting. I selected annulled steal wire after reading that black rust-prone metal seemed to be more prone to frost formation than other non-organic materials. The wire frost catcher is mounted on an old croquet mallet handle and stuck in one of my cement block sculptures as a temporary base. My initial inclination is to make frost catchers that can be stuck in the ground (on sticks) or placed low on the ground (on bases). Systematically varying the location and relative ground-height of the frost catchers should allow me to study these variables and observe their effects on frost formation. This frost catcher made its first public appearance on the Fluxlist blog.

As soon as we have photos of this frost catcher with frost on it, we will post them here.


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