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Frost Catcher #7
by Allen Bukoff

8 x 8 x 8-inch steel cube on 57-inch steel stake stuck in ground. Cube is filled with pieces of broken glass from three different bottles. Glass pieces are wrapped in steel wire and anchored to sides of cube.

As soon as we have pictures of this frost catcher covered with frost, we'll post them here.

Smitten with Jamie Newton's invention of the frost catcher, I created my own series of 6 wire frost catchers. Recently, I've been working on other projects using eight-inch welded steel cubes (a couple of examples here and here) but decided to use one of these cubes to create a new frost catcher. Jamie and I are still studying what materials and conditions are best for capturing frost formations, but I know that window panes and car windshields can yield frost, so I decided to work with glass wrapped in annealed steel wire for this frost catcher. Janice helped me pick out some old bottles (bluish mason jar, dark green water bottle with a painted-on label, and a pale blue olive oil bottle) whose broken pieces we imagined would look nice glistening in the sun. Although I have been able to capture frost with my original series of frost catchers, I've wondered if I would would have better and more frequent luck with a frost catcher that was more elevatd off the ground--my previous frost catchers either sit on the ground or on the end of short wooden sticks. To give this frost catcher more elevation, I welded on a 57-inch piece of rebar rod that also sticks easily in the ground. This frost catcher is is now standing outside in my back yard waiting for fall frosts.

Making it
welding it
adding the glass

Working on the frost catcher in my outdoor nighttime "studio" - September 28, 2008

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