No. 5

The Indian Rattle Frost Catcher

by Allen Bukoff

three-quarters view and side view of the Indian rattle frost catcher, 21 February 2007
Various sizes of annealed steel wire were used to create a wire metal box that was mounted on an old croquet post (as indicated by the color bands). The Indian rattle frost catcher is adorned with 12 laminated images--the New Fluxus Symbol Set 1B (see below)--attached to the frost catcher via twisted strands of wire. This frost catcher made its first public appearance on the Fluxlist blog.

The New Fluxus Symbol Set 1B
The "New Fluxus Symbol Set 1B" refers to a set of graphic symbols that had been used in various posts to the Fluxlist blog. I first introduced this set of 12 symbols on Fluxlist blog on 31 August 2006 and in a variety of subsequent posts--including the 6 September 2007 post shown on the right above. Clicking on the graphics will take you to the original entries.

As soon as we have photos of this frost catcher with frost on it, we will post them here.


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