No. 6
The Weathervane Frost Catcher

by Allen Bukoff

the weathervane frost catcher, 26 February 2007
The frost catcher was designed to have four "wings" or sections and to be able to spin hanging from the top of a stick (a croquet mallet handle). It was created using various sizes of annealed steel wire, rubber, copper screening, glass beads, plastic figures, a small metal globe, plastic, a plastic cap and a printed circuit board. The weathervane frost catcher hangs from a round plastic top that when hung on the top of a stick--a croquet mallet handle in this case--allows the frost catcher to spin around the pole. This frost catcher made its first public appearance on the Fluxlist blog.

view of each of the four wings of the weathervane frost catcher

wire, metal globe and rubber figures

wire, rubber, copper screen and black spray paint

wire, RAM printed circuit board and red plastic

wire and glass beads

As soon as we have photos of this frost catcher with frost on it, we will post them here.


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