No. 3
The Amoeba Frost Catcher

by Allen Bukoff

the amoeba frost catcher, 2 February 2007
This frost catcher was inspired by an entry made by Michael Leigh,Old Amoeba Seller Of Arles, on the Fluxlist blog on 2 February, 2007. The frost catcher was created using various sizes of annealed steel wire and several buttons. The amoeba frost catcher is mounted on the handle of an old croquet mallet.

A little artistic detour
Michael Leigh posted this charming graphic on the Fluxlist blog, and I was inspired to make an "amoeba" frost catcher. One of my high school science-fair projects was with amoebas and I have always had a special fascination for these one-cell creatures. Using wires, buttons and an old croquet mallet stick, I created an amoeba frost catcher and photographed it. Using this photo and elements borrowed from Michael's graphic, I created a circular animated graphic that I intended to be like the recursive processes discussed in Douglas Hofstadter's book, Godel, Escher, Bach: An Eternal Golden Braid.

The amoeba casting its late afternoon Valentine's Day winter shadow, 14 February 2007. Click here for more frost-catcher shadow photos.


Catching thistle seeds while waiting for the fall frosts
October 15, 2008


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