No. 2
The Rug Beater Frost Catcher

by Allen Bukoff

front and side views, 31 January 2007
This frost catcher was also created using various sizes of annealed steel wire fastened together by twisting. In addition, buttons and other small objects were added to help explore the "frostability" of other everyday materials (from plastic, metal, and shell buttons to nails and plastic electrical parts). The rug beater frost catcher is mounted on an old croquet mallet handle that has been modified to include two mallet heads. This frost catcher made its first public appearance on the Fluxlist blog.

The rug beater casting its late afternoon Valentine's Day winter shadow, 14 February 2007. Click here for more frost-catcher shadow photos.


As soon as we have photos of this frost catcher with frost on it, we will post them here.


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